About Us

We believe everyone deserves to have a family if they want one. We opened Spring Fertility because you deserve care that focuses on you. We’re scientists, but we’re also spouses and parents and have been patients too.

Science meets caring

Experts Advancing the Field


Our expert team of scientists are pushing innovation and pioneering award-winning research. Our state-of-the-art lab is not only producing exceptional results, but also developing fertility preservation techniques unlike anyone else – we even have patents pending.

Unparalleled Patient Care


We want you to have the best care possible, from start to finish. We know a big part of service is making it easy and convenient for you. That’s why we offer in-house services like HSGs and Same Day 360, offer extended hours, and all our doctors and nurses are available via email 24/7. We even fresh espresso and warm robes – because the little things count.

Transparency And Trust


Our doctors and nursse take time to explain everything, so you know exactly what’s what. We will help navigate the insurance process, and we accept most major insurance. We are also confident in our results and offer our Shared Risk Guarantee on egg freezing. You can look into our labs anytime you’d like.

Current Lab Results

November 1, 2016

National Average

Current Lab Results

Fertilization Rate

Intracytoplasmic and conventional insemination

60 - 75 % 90 %

Blastocyst Conversion Rate

From good cleavage stage embryos

30 - 50 % 45 %



Our experience has been wonderful. Dr. Tran is very personable and the staff is great - very responsive and caring. Even Sergio and Simona, the husband-wife team of embryologists, came out to greet us and make sure I was ready before my retrieval. Everyone is so kind! That has made all the difference.



After our miscarriage, we weren’t sure we could have another baby. Dr. Klatsky gave us the confidence to move forward and helped me trust my body again. We are now pregnant and incredibly grateful for his time and attention. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for help.



As a physician, I chose Dr. Tran for his excellent reputation in the medical community. He discussed the risks and benefits of treatment options, and let us make our own decisions. He and his staff were respectful, generous with their time, and communicative. Now our surrogate is pregnant! Dr. Tran and Allie have been there every step of the way. I recommend Spring to anyone, and refer my patients to them.



What a fantastic team of medical professionals! This clinic is a gem in the heart of San Francisco! Dr. Klatsky is amazing!



We are so thankful we found our way to Dr. Tran. Superb patient care is his primary focus and it shows; he always went the extra mile for us. He’s incredibly talented and always goal oriented. We put our full trust and confidence in him and his experience - and we’re glad that we did.


About Our Lab

Our lab was meticulously designed with one ambitious goal: recreate the unique conditions inside a woman’s body. From retrieval to transfer, eggs and embryos are protected in a sealed, controlled environment that’s as if they’ve never left the body. Without getting too carried away by our “low O2 micro-manipulation chambers and water-jacketed workstations”, let’s just say we’re really proud of what we’ve built.

Come Visit


We’re proud to partner with leading Bay area companies and wellness providers that support women’s reproductive health.

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