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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 1, 2018 (PR Newswire). Spring Fertility just made Easter very interesting. On Sunday, April 1st, Spring is giving the grand prize winner of the “SF Golden Egg” hunt one free egg freezing cycle with medications at Spring Fertility, a value of approximately $13,000. It’s an opportunity for one woman to save her eggs this year for a future family at no cost. Players who participated in the virtual “SF Golden Egg” hunt completed a series of challenges using the gaming app “Scavify.”

Egg freezing is growing in popularity, as women increasingly delay childbearing, to pursue advanced degrees, achieve professional milestones, or meet the right partner. Egg freezing allows modern women to proactively plan and protect their future fertility. “Younger women are more likely to benefit from egg freezing because they are able to freeze more eggs, and younger eggs are more likely to be viable,” explains Dr. Peter Klatsky, Co-founder and Director of Egg freezing at Spring Fertility. “Women oftentimes don’t realize that the age of a woman’s uterus does not have a strong effect on fertility.”

“We want women to be able to access this technology and feel positive about it. This is an amazing opportunity that our patients didn’t have 10 years ago,” explains Dr. Debra Minjarez, of Spring Fertility. “Women are planning for their future and creating opportunities. It should feel optimistic and empowering. That’s why we decided to use a gaming app and an Easter egg hunt to raise awareness, have fun and allow someone to access the technology who might not have been able to prior.”

Dr. Klatsky explained, “Our mission at Spring is to help women achieve their goals, today or tomorrow. For some women, that is getting pregnant next month, for others, it is creating the peace of mind and option for future pregnancies so that they can go after their personal or professional goals today.”

The high cost of the procedure prevents many women from taking advantage of this new technology, but Spring Fertility is creating ways to help more women afford the procedure when they are younger and may not have as much savings. In addition to giving away a free egg freezing cycle, they also offer payment plans.  “Women at Spring Fertility can freeze their eggs for $295 a month over 36 months, no high annual interest charges or down payments” according to Finance Manager Khaled Farahat.

The “SF Golden Egg” virtual egg hunt ran from March 24 – 27, through gaming app, Scavify. Many Bay Area women participated in the egg hunt by searching “SF Golden Egg” in Scavify, then completed special tasks, trivia tasks and social media posts to earn points and win different prizes.

Upon hearing that she won, the 37-year-old grand prize winner, who asked for anonymity and went by the game handle “SunnySide”, stated, “I’m so excited and happy that I learned about Spring Fertility. I chose to participate because a close girlfriend knew I was interested in egg freezing and encouraged me to play.”

The game was so popular and played by an overwhelming number of women, that Spring Fertility is considering offering it again in 2019.

Details on the virtual SF Golden Egg Hunt game can be found at gold.springfertility.com.

About Spring Fertility

Spring Fertility was founded by leading physicians with the goal of redefining the reproductive and fertility patient experience to improve comfort, communication and care while advancing scientific excellence. It has the most advanced diagnostic, surgical, and medical equipment, and every space is used intentionally to maximize patient outcomes with a state-of-the-art laboratory that offers both fertility preservation (egg, sperm, embryo, and testicular and ovarian tissue freezing) and fertility treatments (IVF, genetic testing, advanced reproductive surgery.) Peter Klatsky, MD, MPH and Nam Tran, MD, PhD, Co-Founders, are both award-winning, dual board-certified physicians with Board Certification in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Debra Minjarez, an award-winning leader in Reproductive Medicine for over 17 years, joined Spring in 2017, and is dual-board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Spring Fertility is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


Tanya Rodante

Director of Marketing

Spring Fertility


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