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4 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself in the Aftermath of a Layoff

I know from firsthand experience that a layoff can be a disorienting experience. Whether it was sudden or you saw the writing on the wall months ago, you likely have a lot to process around what comes next. While the “in between” time between jobs may feel overwhelming as you look for your next opportunity, it can also be an empowering chance to rest, gain perspective on what your future plans and goals are, and take time for important aspects of your life that you didn’t have time for while working.

The Spring Fertility team and I wanted to take the time to offer some guidance for how to make the most of any time and/or benefits available to you between jobs. Below you’ll find my top four recommendations for this transition time.


1. If you can, give yourself a moment to reset and recover.

Being able to fully take a break between jobs is a privilege that we know not everyone has. If, however, you’re in a position where you can take a moment before diving into whatever is next, it could give you a number of benefits: time to heal, perspective on what you do and don’t miss from your last job, and clarity on what you want next for your personal and professional life (to name only a few).

Time can be a key ingredient in processing what has just happened and preparing yourself to hit the ground running when you’re ready for what’s next.


2. Activate your network and prioritize connection.

If you’ve been in the working world for a while, there’s a strong likelihood that your relationships and network could lead to your next job much more quickly than submitting cold applications online. Not only that, but the time spent reconnecting with humans you genuinely like and admire is often a key piece in preventing a job search from feeling like a slog.

Make a list of people who you’d like to catch up with as part of your job search, and take the time to genuinely find out how they’re doing. These are the people who you want to think of you first when they see a new opportunity that could be a fit for you and your skillset - and send it your way to help you on your search!


3. Update your LinkedIn profile.

There are a number of ways you can update your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and stand out against other qualified applicants, but if it’s been a while and you’re ready to job search in earnest, focus on a key specific areas to start:

  • Turn on the “Open to Work” setting on your profile. (You may want to also turn on Creator Mode if you’d like to be more prolific in your thought leadership at this time.)
  • Update your headline to something that aligns with the work you plan to do next.
  • Update your headshot and make sure it looks like you. Add a banner image to your profile if you haven’t already.
  • Add your latest professional experience and ask for a recommendation if you know someone who’d be willing to write one.

4. Look into (and use!) any benefits coverage that is still available to you.

Many organizations extend any employee benefits coverage as part of a severance package; at a minimum, you should be covered through the end of the month that you are impacted. Connect with your benefits team to understand if you still have access to benefits, like fertility coverage, during this time.

If your previous employer had fertility benefits and you’ve been thinking about freezing your eggs as part of your planning toward the future of your dreams, consider booking an initial consult with a fertility provider to learn more about your options!

We fully appreciate that navigating the aftermath of a layoff can be a challenging time for you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to Spring if there’s anything we can do to support you in making the most of this moment.


Lis Best is an executive coach for women in impact, founder of the Girls Club Collective, and host of the Women Changing the World podcast. Since launching her business in 2020, Lis has helped hundreds of change agents navigate ESG careers, birth mission-driven businesses, and up-level their thought leadership.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Lis worked as director of social impact for the world's fastest-growing pre-IPO start-up, management consultant for BSR, and sustainability manager at Qualcomm, a Fortune 200 technology company.

Lis has been trusted by leaders at organizations including Adobe, Autodesk, Billtrust, Grove Collaborative, PwC, and Robert Half. She and her work have been featured in publications like Brit & Co., Create & Cultivate, Greenbiz, Ladies Get Paid, Nasdaq, and Thrive Global.

You can learn more about Lis and her work here.


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