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Using donor eggs to grow your family.

On your path to parenthood, the most important factor is the love and commitment you give to your child after they are born. If you think using donor eggs is the next step in your family-planning experience, we want you to know that making a baby with the help of donor eggs is a safe and common practice – and one we’d be proud to support you through.

IVF babies born in the US are conceived using donor eggs

Of pregnancies through IVF with egg donors are ultimately successful

of egg donor candidates meet the extensive qualifications necessary to donate their eggs

There are a number of reasons why using donor eggs may be the right decision for you, including:

  • There is an absence of eggs in the intended parent(s).
  • There is poor egg quality in the intended parent(s).
  • You have experienced early menopause or primary ovarian insufficiency.
  • You are a same sex male couple.


  • Come from a commercial frozen egg bank
  • Are available for use almost immediately
  • Certainty around number of eggs you are receiving (sold in groups of about 6 eggs)
  • Less flexibility around subsequent embryo transfers from the same egg donor source

Designated “Fresh” Eggs

  • Come from active donors, usually in their 20s
  • Eggs are immediately donated after retrieval cycle for transfer
  • Designated donors have already completed extensive screening and consented to the process
  • Higher likelihood of multiple embryos produced in one cycle(resulting in multiple children)

When deciding whether to use frozen or designated “fresh” eggs to grow your family, here are some questions to ask yourself:

How many children do I want and how important is it to me that they are genetically linked by the same egg donor?

Designated donors give you a better chance at having multiple children from the same donor.



How quickly do I want to have a baby?

Using frozen eggs can expedite the process by ~3-6 months.



How much can I afford to spend?

One cycle with frozen eggs will cost around $27,000, while one cycle with a designated donor may cost between $38,000-$60,000 (dependent largely on donor compensation).



What is my risk tolerance?

A cycle with a designated donor generally has more unknown factors, BUT the likelihood of having a greater number of healthy embryos is higher with a designated donor because you typically have a greater number of eggs to start with.


The Donor Egg Journey






Many of our intended parents have been through SO much by the time they begin looking into third party fertility options–this is why the NEST team places compassionate care and continual support at the forefront of our day-to-day interactions with our patients. It is so rewarding going to work every day and having the opportunity to guide our intended parents through this chapter of their family-building journey.









Ready to take the next step to find donor eggs that are right for you and your family?




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