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Research & Innovation at Spring Fertility

We are proud to participate in clinical research studies with the goal of advancing the field of reproductive medicine, improving success rates, and delivering on a higher standard of patient care.

We are actively seeking participants in several research studies, and we invite you to explore the studies below. If you qualify for and are interested in participating in any of the below studies, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator, Brianna Brigham at [email protected]

Fertility & Reproductive Health Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical approaches, devices, drugs, or other treatments. They are often used to collect data to support a hypothesis that a new and innovative method of providing care will lead to better outcomes and an improved patient experience. By participating in a clinical trial, you may be one of the first individuals to receive this new method of care.
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At Home Urine Testing to
Monitor Hormone Levels


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Luteal Support Following a
Frozen Embryo Transfer

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Mosaic and Abnormal
Embryo Transfer



At Home Urine Testing to Monitor Hormone Levels

The main goal of this study is to determine how well an at home urine test device compares to other test results (for example blood tests and ultrasound) during infertility treatment. We also want to understand what patients think of the device and how it is being used.

The name of the device is Belovio CHECK. Results from the at home urine tests will be compared with the tests completed in clinic.

If urinary testing proves to be as accurate as blood testing, this may reduce the need for multiple blood draws currently used for monitoring infertility treatment. In addition, this may reduce the number of visits needed as well as the discomfort of blood draws for future patients undergoing infertility treatment. Collecting multiple urine samples may help us understand your hormone levels at more specific times of an IVF cycle which could improve cycle outcomes.




• Female patients age 18-40
• Undergoing IVF at a Spring Fertility clinic
• Must have a smart phone and be self-sufficient utilizing apps to report urine test results

• Participants will be asked to collect a urine sample at home at specific times during their treatment using the Belovio CHECK device and self-report hormone levels via the associated smart phone application
• Participants will also still need to complete the in-clinic bloodwork and ultrasound testing required by their treatment cycle
• Compensation will be provided





If you qualify for and are interested in participating in any of the below studies, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator, Brianna Bingham at [email protected]

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