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Planning for the future

Whether you have a timeline or just want to know your options,we can help.

They're your eggs. Know your options.

Your body makes the best quality eggs in your twenties. Egg freezing lets you take them with you and take control of your biological clock.

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How we approach egg freezing



Initial consult (60 minutes)

Together we’ll discuss any questions, review your medical history, and run a few simple tests (a blood test and a pelvic ultrasound),to count your antral follicles. These “resting follicles” each contain an immature egg that has the potential to mature and ovulate in the future. From there, we’ll be able to predict how many mature eggs you might get at your egg retrieval. 



Ovarian Stimulation And Monitoring (8-12 Days)

Based on your initial consult, we’ll choose from over fifteen treatment protocols the one that’s best for you. Our goal is to help all your follicles grow together, so we can retrieve the most high quality eggs possible.

For most patients, stimulating follicle growth requires 2-3 self-injected, daily hormone medications – don’t worry the needles are tiny! There is also a “minimal stimulation” approach, with fewer injections. We’ll monitor progress through blood tests and ultrasounds. The final step is a special “trigger” shot that prompts your eggs to reach final maturation before retrieval.



Egg Retrieval (36 Hours Later)

36 hours later, we retrieve your eggs. It’s a 20 minute procedure under general anesthesia, followed by an hour of recovery. Most patients take the rest of the day off to rest, and are back to their normal routine the next day. Meanwhile, your eggs will be safely stored with us until you’re ready to use them.

Fertility over time

With age, women have fewer eggs and a higher ratio of abnormal to normal eggs.


20% chance of getting pregnant each month

AGE 35

AGE 40

AGE 45

˂ 5% of getting pregnant each month

How risk increases

What are my chances?

What are my chances?

Freezing your eggs can be a valuable tool for creating options and improving your chances of having a healthy baby, but it’s not a guarantee. We created the Egg Freezing Outcome Estimator tool to help women develop realistic expectations and to estimate the probability that their frozen eggs will result in a baby.

Know your “AFC”

Your antral follicle count is one of the best predictors of your fertility potential and when you might want to freeze your eggs. At your first consult, we’ll assess yours and discuss your future family building goals then form a plan together.




We believe everyone should have access to fertility treatments. That’s why we offer a no interest plan with no down and monthly payments.


Freeze our recommended number of eggs and we’ll guarantee a successful pregnancy when you come back to use them, or your money back.

Book a consult today

Curious about egg freezing and whether it’s right for you? Your first consult is the best way to know your options. Together we’ll make a plan that’s right for you.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Nearly 1 in 10 IVF babies come from donor eggs. For some people, donor eggs are their only option to conceive. Pay it forward and your costs can be covered. Preserve your options while helping others achieve their dreams of a family.


Options. You may not be ready to be a mom yet but want to preserve that option. Egg freezing provides the greatest opportunity to have a baby using your own eggs instead of donor eggs in the future. Freezing your eggs is about giving yourself some peace of mind and minimizing stress,so you can pursue your goals. It’s okay, now we can hit snooze on that biological clock.

Yes. Numerous studies investigating the long term consequences of ovarian stimulation show little to no significant risk. Serious complications are rare. Most women report mild bloating and fatigue.

We recommend numbers of eggs based on your age, reproductive history, ovarian reserve and family building goals. Everyone is different and your unique situation will help us arrive at an appropriate number for you, but we generally recommend 20 eggs for women under 35 and more for women over 35. For older women, this may mean multiple cycles, depending on your ovarian reserve.

If you aren’t successful, we shouldn’t be. Learn about our Spring Promise

When you’re ready, your eggs are thawed, fertilized with sperm, and ultimately transferred back to your uterus as embryos.

Egg Freezing 101

We know that your time is valuable. Our goal is to provide you with everything that you need to know about egg freezing that you can access from the comfort of your home or during your commute. In this recording of an in-house info session, Dr. Peter Klatsky covers the topic of fertility preservation – from the science behind how fertility works, to the process of egg freezing, as well as important factors to consider as you think about if it is right for you.



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