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Egg Freezing Outcome Estimator

Your Frozen Egg to Baby
Probability Calculator

A transparent look at your chance of success with your frozen eggs

Freezing your eggs can be a valuable tool for creating options and improving your chances of having a healthy baby, but although often beneficial, it’s not a guarantee.
We created the Egg Freezing Calculator to help you develop realistic expectations around egg freezing, and to estimate your chance of having a healthy baby with your frozen eggs. The biggest factors in your success will be your age when you froze your eggs, the number of eggs you have frozen, and the experience and skill of your clinical and lab teams.
What are my chances?
*age at which eggs are frozen
Based on Three Published Data Sets
SPRING’s Estimated Results: (3,722 warmed eggs)
Doyle and Colleagues (1,283 warmed eggs)
Cobo and Colleagues (1,513 warmed eggs)
It is important to note that while this tool is based on the experience of our patients at Spring after warming approximately 3,750 frozen eggs, your success will be binary: a woman either achieves a successful pregnancy or not. Every woman’s fertility journey is affected by a number of factors, and each woman should work with her physician to predict the number of eggs she can expect to freeze, understand the likelihood of success at different ages, and use the provided estimates to assist in making the best decision for her future goals. This tool estimates the probability for a pregnancy based on Spring Fertility’s own egg freezing outcomes which are updated regularly, as well as the two largest peer reviewed published studies available.

What you need to know

Data from two published studies, as well as from our updated internal data, are used to provide an estimated live birth rate per frozen egg at each age. We then assume a normal (binomial) distribution of births among eggs to calculate the chances of having 1 and more than 1 child based on the number of eggs you have frozen and the age at which they were frozen. Click “Learn More” underneath each result to view the underlying data and to see how the estimates are calculated.

We will continue to update and publish our internal data semiannually and we will update the published studies and data as more become available. For now, the consistency of the Cobo et al. and Doyle et al. studies provides a good indicator of chances for success, particularly among women freezing their eggs before their 38th birthday. For women over 37 years old at the time of freezing, data are still limited.

Spring Fertility’s, Dr. Gaya Murugappan was awarded the Private Practice Research Award at the 2023 Pacific Coast Reproductive Society’s Annual Meeting for her paper, “Clinical Utilization and Outcomes over Eight Years Following Oocyte Cryopreservation.” Dr. Murugappan’s research shows that while all women were able to achieve successful babies from frozen eggs, that after age 37, embryo development rates in frozen/thawed eggs decline more significantly than would be expected based on age alone. This indicates that there may be a structural component in eggs that begins to degrade after age 37, results in a decreased ability to fertilize and develop normally post-freeze/thaw. This doesn’t mean that egg freezing won’t work after age 37, but that the rate of decline becomes steeper at that age. It is important to speak with your fertility clinic about your individual chances of success based on their data and have an open conversation about how best to support your goals.

We hope that this tool will help you answer:

If I need to use my frozen eggs,
how likely am I to have a child?

How many eggs do I need to
freeze to feel comfortable?

Is this worth the cost (physically
and economically) for me?

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