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Getting Started

Initial consult

All initial visits include a pelvic ultrasound. If this is your first visit, we’ll need to determine the answers to four basic questions:

  • Are you producing and releasing a healthy egg every month?
  • Are there a sufficient number of swimming sperm?
  • Are the fallopian tubes open and allowing the egg and sperm to meet?
  • Is the uterus receptive to implantation?

Initial consult costs range from $250 – $545, depending on market. This appointment with your doctor includes ultrasound, physical exam, and a physician consult. Because most patients want to become pregnant as soon as possible, we can move quickly. Most testing can be completed within a month (or one menstrual cycle) of an initial consult. Based on your availability and the timing of your menstrual cycle, we’ll plan your specific tests.

While this timeframe works for most patients, we understand that you’re busy and may want answers sooner than later. That’s why we created the Same Day 360º Fertility Evaluation and action plan.


Same Day 360° Evaluation

With our Same Day 360° Fertility Evaluation, you and your partner will complete an initial consult, evaluation and review of treatment options all in one day. No need to wrangle two schedules for multiple visits or come back multiple times, and no need to wait for answers. Within 4 hours, we can provide an understanding of your individual situation and what your options are.

Patients will receive:

  • Initial consult
  • AMH blood test and pelvic ultrasound to evaluate your ovarian reserve
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for evaluation of the fallopian tubes
  • Saline sonogram for uterine cavity assessment in patients who know they want to do IVF
  • Semen analysis
  • Summary assessment by your physician so you can understand the findings and make a plan to move forward

How can we do that? We are one of only a handful of clinics across the country to offer everything onsite, including HSG, AMH testing, and semen analysis. Doing so allows us to shorten your wait for results. We know your time is important, so we’ve designed our workflow around your needs.

Want to get started? Just contact us to book your consult or 360° today.

You can also learn more about fertility treatments at one of our free monthly info sessions. Check out our events page to RSVP. Friends and loved ones welcome.

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